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Rainforest – Stocks


The conceptual models were compiled by researchers in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders from Natural Resource Management groups, universities and government agencies and based on available scientific information[1].

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Nitrogen (N) stocks in rainforests are large with values often above 1,000 kg N per ha in vegetation and values > 11,000 kg N per ha (0 - 8 m depth) in soils[2].


Nitrogen concentrations in rainforest soils ranges from 0.02 to 3% (12,000 (11,000-13,000) kg/ha)* depending on the vegetation and age of the rainforest[2]. Nitrogen stocks in tropical forests are usually higher than those of temperate forests[4].


Vegetation N stocks are high, with values at approximately 2,100 (500-3700) kg/ha*[1][3].


Organisms store nitrogen in their tissue and rainforests are often hotspots of biodiversity.

*Nitrogen quantities are displayed as an average followed by a minimum and maximum (range), e.g. “average (min. of range - max. of range) units”.


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