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Unlike frogs, members of one group of wetland-dependent reptiles—crocodiles and freshwater turtles—spend nearly all their time feeding and interacting in the water and come out on land to lay their eggs in nests. Other reptiles, such as eastern water dragon, Mertens’ water monitor and Macleay’s water snake, rely on wetlands primarily as a source of food in the form of crayfish, crabs, fish and frogs and for a safe haven to hide when disturbed.

Reptile wetland indicator species and profiles

Freshwater turtle,  Photo by Angela Reid

Quick facts

species of reptile live in Queensland including dragons, geckos, legless lizards, skinks, goannas, snakes, crocodiles and freshwater and marine turtles[1]. Not all these reptiles live in or near wetlands but many do!

To find out more about species in your area see WetlandSummary.

For specific information on wetland species sightings please go to WetlandMaps or Wildlife Online.

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