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Coastal and subcoastal non-floodplain sand lake—Perched

Coastal and subcoastal non-floodplain sand lake—Perched – Fauna

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These wetland habitat types typically have low densities of aquatic animal populations due to the very low nutrients available. Some of the fauna associated with this habitat include the following:


Low bird population density, because of the typically low nutrient, low flora density and low fish numbers.


  • Oxleyan pygmy perch Nannoperca oxleyana
  • honey blue eye Pseudomugil mellis
  • ornate rainbowfish Rhadinocentrus ornatus
  • poreless gudgeon Oxyeleotris nullipora
  • onegill eel Ophisternon bengalense
  • northern purplespotted gudgeon Mogurnda mogurnda


  • wallum froglet Crinia tinnula
  • Cooloola sedgefrog Litoria cooloolensis
  • wallum rocketfrog Litoria freycineti
  • wallum sedgefrog Litoria olongburensis
  • northern sedgefrog Litoria bicolor
  • shrill whistlefrog Austrochaperina gracilipes
  • tawny rocketfrog Litoria nigrofrenata


  • Fraser Island short-neck turtle Emydura macquarii nigra
  • estuarine crocodile Crocodylus porosus


  • Calamoecia tasmanica
  • Calamoecia ultima


  • Order Hemiptera
  • Order Odonata
  • Order Coleoptera
  • Order Chironomidae

Last updated: 22 March 2013

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