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Normanby catchment story

The catchment stories present a story using real maps that can be interrogated, zoomed in and moved to explore the area in more detail. They are used to take users through multiple maps, images and videos to provide engaging, in-depth information.

Quick facts

This map journal
is part of a series of catchment stories prepared for Queensland.

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Normanby catchment story – Introduction

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Understanding landscape connections in the catchment

To effectively manage a catchment it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of how the catchment works. This map journal was informed by the ‘walking the landscape’ process together with multiple reports about the value and functioning of the catchment, and expert input. We would like to also acknowledge and thank the Traditional Owners of the Bama.

The map journal was prepared by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (Queensland Wetland Program, Springvale Program and Office of the Great Barrier Reef) in collaboration with local partners.

Main image. Kings Plains - provided by Tim Hughes.

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The terms 'Catchment', 'Sub-basin' and 'Basin' are sometimes used interchangeably. In this map journal the term 'Catchment' has been used.

Map journal for the Normanby Catchment

This map journal takes you on a journey through the Normanby Catchment* where you can learn about the catchment’s features as connections are drawn between the elements of the landscape. People, water, land and biodiversity all combine to make this a location of significance and value.

By understanding these elements and their connections we learn how to assess threats and identify what management options are sustainable.

*Boundary defined by Department of Natural Resource and Mines Basin Sub Area 100K mapping, which depicts a subdivision of the major drainage basins in Queensland. This area is also referred to as the Norman-Laura Catchment and Norman Sub-Basin.

Wetlands of the catchment - provided by Andrew Brooks.

Last updated: 13 October 2017

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