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Ramsar internationally important wetland 2013 wetland habitat extents

Definition of Ramsar internationally important wetland

based on wetland mapping version 6.0 metadata

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2013 wetland habitat extent by Ramsar internationally important wetland metadata
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Ramsar wetland Total area
Wetland area by habitat Total
wetland area
INT01a INT01b INT02 LA14 LC08a LC08b PA10 PA11a PA11c PA12a PA12b PA12c PC02a PC02b PC02c PC04a PC04c PC04d
Total 591,848 905 56,626 11,896 7,764 263 158 4,148 464 1,044 5,489 342 1,946 5,301 2,784 4,571 3,180 307 14 107,201
Bowling Green Bay 34,619 11,063 3,358 6 92 113 255 14,886
Currawinya Lakes 150,864 7,764 4,148 464 1,044 5,489 342 1,946 21,198
Great Sandy Strait 83,742 294 12,661 3,504 12 896 1,341 1,249 372 18 10 20,358
Moreton Bay 120,656 611 11,591 2,349 251 158 2,615 568 3,047 2,102 34 3 23,329
Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area 201,967 21,311 2,685 1,784 876 182 593 27,431

Note that these totals may be lower than the Queensland totals due to incomplete coverage of Ramsar internationally important wetlands.

Wetland habitat code descriptions
INT01a Mangroves - Casuarina
INT01b Mangroves - other
INT02 Salt marsh and salt flats
LA14 Arid and semi-arid saline lake
LC08a Coastal and sub-coastal non-floodplain sand (window) lake
LC08b Coastal and sub-coastal non-floodplain sand (perched) lake
PA10 Arid and semi-arid saline swamp
PA11a Arid and semi-arid floodplain tree swamp
PA11c Arid and semi-arid floodplain grass, sedge and herb swamp
PA12a Arid and semi-arid non-floodplain tree swamp
PA12b Arid and semi-arid non-floodplain shrub swamp
PA12c Arid and semi-arid non-floodplain grass, sedge and herb swamp
PC02a Coastal and sub-coastal non-floodplain tree (Melaleuca and Eucalypt) swamp
PC02b Coastal and sub-coastal non-floodplain wet heath swamp
PC02c Coastal and sub-coastal non-floodplain grass, sedge, and herb swamp
PC04a Coastal and sub-coastal floodplain tree (Melaleuca and Eucalypt) swamp
PC04c Coastal and sub-coastal floodplain grass, sedge, and herb swamp
PC04d Coastal and sub-coastal floodplain wet heath swamp


Areas do not include marine or estuarine waters but do include estuarine wetland vegetation
(e.g. mangroves and tidal flats).

All statistics are approximate and generated based on data transformed to a customised Albers equal-area projection, thus allowing wetland extent change for different regions of Queensland to be comparable.

Areas may change over time as mapping approaches improve.

Totals may not match the sum of individually displayed figures due to the rounding of displayed figures.

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