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Queensland 2013 wetland system extents

based on wetland mapping version 5.0 metadata

2013 wetland system extent by Queensland metadata
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Queensland Total area
Wetland area by system Total
wetland area
artificial and
highly modified
estuarine lacustrine palustrine riverine
Total 1,729,742.0 3,332.2 11,632.2 5,486.6 31,332.3 24,877.0 76,660.3
Queensland 1,729,742.0 3,332.2 11,632.2 5,486.6 31,332.3 24,877.0 76,660.3

Note that these totals may be lower than the Queensland totals due to incomplete coverage of Queensland.


Areas do not include marine or estuarine waters but do include estuarine wetland vegetation
(e.g. mangroves and tidal flats).

All statistics are approximate and generated based on data transformed to a customised Albers equal-area projection, thus allowing wetland extent change for different regions of Queensland to be comparable.

Areas may change over time as mapping approaches improve.

Totals may not match the sum of individually displayed figures due to the rounding of displayed figures.

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