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Lake Eyre and Bulloo Basins

Aquatic Conservation Assessments (ACAs) are available for the parts of the Lake Eyre and Bulloo Basins within Queensland.

View the Aquatic Conservation Assessment using AquaBAMM for the riverine and non-riverine wetlands of the Lake Eyre and Bulloo Basins Report (version 1.1).

Find out more about accessing the data and reports on the get mapping help page.

The riverine and non-riverine data may also be accessed through WetlandMaps.

Environmental reports online provide information on specific environmental values, by location.

For further information on AquaBAMM and the ACA results email aquabamm♲

Quick facts


or Aquatic Conservation Assessments are an outcome of the Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment and Mapping Method (AquaBAMM).

This study
includes parts of the Lake Eyre Basin (Georgina River, Diamantina River and Cooper Creek catchments) and Bulloo River Basin situated within Queensland.

Last updated: 30 July 2016

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