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Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program – Freshwater


The map below highlights the areas where sampling has occurred for this program.

Click on the map to view information about the drainage basins in this area.

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Macroinvertebrate sampling
2008 Report Card

Program start date


Program end date


Objectives of the program

This program aims to:

  • advise councils and managers on water quality and ecosystem health of freshwater (non-tidal) waterways in South East Queensland
  • deliver an annual regional assessment of the ambient ecosystem health of 19 riverine catchments and publically communicate this through an annual report card
  • evaluate the effectiveness of management actions aimed at improving and protecting aquatic ecosystems
  • use scientifically robust, relevant and cost effective methods to provide data for intelligent decision making.

Who is involved?

Lead organisation

Healthy Waterways

Contact details of lead organisation: hwwinfo♲

Partner organisations

Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program Partners

List of indicators monitored

  • Physical and chemical (for example conductivity, pH, diel temperature and diel oxygen concentration)
  • Nutrient cycling (for example nitrogen stable isotope signature of aquatic algae)
  • Ecosystem processes (for example benthic respiration and production, and carbon stable isotope signature of aquatic algae)
  • Aquatic macroinvertebrates (for example taxa richness, PET index and SIGNAL score)
  • Fish (for example proportion of native species expected, observed to expected native species and proportion of alien species)

Scale of program

Regional scale

Brief description of sampling locations

135 sites on natural freshwater (non-tidal) waterways within South East Queensland, ranging from the Noosa River in the north, south to the Queensland-New South Wales border and west to the Great Dividing Range.

Frequency of monitoring

Bi-annually - in spring (October-November, pre-wet season) and autumn (April-May, post-wet season).

Where is the program reported?

Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program

Last updated: 18 November 2015

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