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Queensland wetland extent change mapping

Program start date


Program end date

Last version completed 2015

Objectives of the program

Mapping the extent, type and change in extent of wetlands

Drivers for monitoring program

Wetland management, legislation and policy such as Great barrier reef Protection Plan and Wetland State Planning Policy 

Who is involved?

Lead organisation

Queensland Herbarium, Department Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts. 

Contact details of lead organisation: regional.ecosystem♲

Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha Rd TOOWONG QLD 4066

Phone: 07 3896 9326

Partner organisations

Queensland Wetlands Program, Department of Environment, Science and Innovation

List of indicators monitored

Wetland Extent, Wetland Type, Change in Wetland Extent

Scale of program

State-wide, 1:100 000 (1:50 000 on coast)

Brief description of sampling locations

State wide mapping from imagery. Regional ecosystem mapping programme has ground truthed 6,000 wetland sites.

Frequency of monitoring

Every 4 years

Where is the program reported?

The Queensland WetlandInfo WetlandSummary tool provides extent change statistics on wetland extent and type.

The Great Barrier Reef Report Card, State of the Environment Reports and the WetlandSummary tool provide summary statistics on wetland extent and change in extent. 

Frequency of Reporting

Every 4 years

Where is monitoring data stored

Current version of mapping available on WetlandInfo, WetlandMaps and Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial, old versions available on Queensland Herbarium archives

Last updated: 18 November 2015

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