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Great Artesian Basin Springs Monitoring Program


The map below highlights the areas where sampling has occurred for this program.

Click on the map to view information about the drainage basins in this area.

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Edgbaston Springs complex contains many endemic species Photo by DSITIA
Individual springs of the Edgbaston complex Photo by DSITIA
Springs extent mapping using differential GPS Elizabeth Spings Western Qld Photo by DSITIA

Program start date

Program commenced in 2011, following a pilot in 2008

Program end date

Current until 2016

Objectives of the program

To examine the relationship between spring flows and vegetated wetland area in order to monitor groundwater flows from springs. This is to improve the water resource plans in the Great Artesian Basin.

Who is involved?

Lead organisation

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Contact details of lead organisation: water.monitoring♲

Partner organisations

No partner organisations

List of indicators monitored

  • Extent of the wetted area of springs
  • Flow of water from springs
  • Flow of water in watercourses
  • Date and time at which measurements are collected

Scale of program

Basin scale

Brief description of sampling locations

Six sites across the Great Artesian Basin – Edgbaston/Myross (Barcaldine North), Elizabeth (North West), Abercorn (Mulgildie), Spring Rock (Surat North), Moorabinda (Surat North) and Yowah Creek (Warrego East).

Frequency of monitoring

At least once every three years

Where is the program reported?

Report to be published online following completion of monitoring

Last updated: 22 March 2013

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