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What's new—WetlandUpdate

Every time we update existing resources or add new tools to WetlandInfo our WetlandUpdate newsletter is sent to our subscribers and the latest changes are featured on a summary page on WetlandInfo named What's new. With the re-launch of WetlandInfo the previously called What's new summary page has been renamed to WetlandUpdate to reflect our newsletter. You can access the latest and all of the previous updates below.

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started in 2006 as a series of html pages made to look like a website. This 'prototype' was then tested with potential users all over Queensland. Since then it has grown into the valuable resource it is today.

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Latest version

Previous versions

These newsletters have been taken down as they are out of date. If you need access to these please contact us on the feedback link below.

  • What's new in March 2012?
  • What's new 25 November 2011?
  • What's new in November 2011?
  • What's new in September 2011?
  • What's new in July 2011?
  • What's new in April 2011?
  • What's new in March 2011?
  • What's new in November 2010?
  • What's new in April 2010?
  • What's new in November 2009?
  • What's new in October 2009?
  • What's new in May 2009?
  • What's new in February 2009?
  • What's new in December 2008?
  • What's new in September 2008?

Last updated: 22 November 2022

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