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User defined treatment systems fact sheet

The user defined treatment systems fact sheet tool allows you to create your own fact sheet based on your needs. Use the topic list and then click the relevant sections you wish to include. Those sections are then placed in a PDF format.

How to use?

  1. Enter your organisations name.
  2. Use the 'Add new text section' button to add free text information to the fact sheet.
  3. Select a topic by clicking on the box on the left. Please note:
    • you can change the order of the topics by dragging and dropping them in the order of preference.
  4. Once a topic is selected, you can right click on the topic and you will see 3 options:
    • add introductory text to this topic: if selected the content typed into the box will appear above the topic standard content from the website
    • exclude standard content from this topic: if selected only a link will be provided, the standard text associated with the topic from the website will be excluded
    • add supplementary text to this topic: if selected the content typed into the box will appear below the topic standard content.
  5. If you save the URL link at the top of the page, you will be able to save the selections.
  6. Use the Generate PDF button at the bottom of the page to generate the PDF.

Enter your organisation name:

Select and sort topics:

Treatment systems

Generating PDF fact sheet

Your fact sheet is being generated and should appear shortly as a download in your browser.

You may then close this dialog window to generate a new fact sheet.

Last updated: 22 July 2020

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