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WetlandUpdate December 2013

School curriculum—Wetland education toolkit

The Wetlands Education Toolkit is a classroom teaching resource providing a collection of ideas, information and activities to support effective wetland education and is aligned to the National curriculum for Science and Geography. The Toolkit has an emphasis on Years 6 to 9 but has been designed to be adapted by teachers for use across most Primary and Secondary year levels.

Connectivity information


Connectivity animation: Aquatic ecosystem connectivity refers to the connections between and within aquatic ecosystems. An appreciation of the connection of the wetland to other wetlands and to the broader catchment and landscape is important for effective management decisions.

This YouTube animation helps explain key Aquatic Ecosystem Connectivity concepts in a format aimed at high school and university students.


Aquatic ecosystem connectivity poster: This poster promotes the importance of aquatic ecosystem connectivity and introduces some of the main issues to be considered.

High Conservation Value Aquatic Ecosystems in the Queensland Murray Darling Basin

The Identification of High Conservation Value Aquatic Ecosystems (HCVAE) in the Queensland Murray Darling Basin through targeted collection of wetland inventory data across the northern basin—Technical report was undertaken as part of the Queensland Wetlands Program – Phase 2. The project collected and collated data for 62 wetlands. The wetland sites were predominantly freshwater non-riverine wetlands with five riverine wetlands sampled opportunistically. The data was used to identify and classify areas of high conservation value.

Updated tools fact sheet

The Queensland Wetlands Program tools fact sheet has been updated to include the new tools.


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Last updated: 20 December 2013

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