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Awoonga Dam Sewage Treatment Plant

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Approval holder

Gladstone Area Water Board


Awoonga Dam Road, Benaraby




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Code Description Parameters monitored Basin Stream
RP1 Release of treated sewage effluent from Awoonga Dam STP pond to the 3 irrigation areas (Zone 3 = Area 1 [-24.06786, 151.30179] & Area 2 [-24.06792, 151.30131]). Additional area from 1/3/19 includes Zone 1 & 2 [-24.06631, 151.30285]. B.O.D. 5, Daily Volume, E. coli as MPN, Electrical Conductivity, Irrigation Rate, Nitrogen - Total, Phosphorus - Total, Suspended Solids, pH Boyne

Last updated: 14 November 2019

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