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Bioreactors — Links and references

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Useful links

Using denitrifying bioreactors to improve water quality on Queensland farms: Guidelines have been developed on the use of denitrifying bioreactors to improve water quality leaving farms in Queensland. These guidelines will assist land managers and advisors in deciding whether a bioreactor is suitable for a site and if so, how to design, construct and maintain them to maximise nitrate removal. The guidelines have collated and synthesised information from around 15 bioreactor trials conducted in Queensland between 2015 and 2020, together with published literature on bioreactor research in other countries.

The guidelines were developed as part of the Bioreactors for Great Barrier Reef and the Agricultural Water Treatment projects with funding from the Queensland Reef Water Quality Program.

Artificial N sinks: This website contains an atlas of where denitrifying bioreactors and constructed wetlands are being researched and implemented.

Bioreactors: key aspects for effective design, operation and monitoring. Interim guideline for bioreactor trials July 2018


In addition to the standard disclaimer located at the bottom of the page, please note the content presented is based on published knowledge of treatment systems. Many of the treatment systems described have not been trialled in different regions or land uses in Queensland. The information will be updated as new trials are conducted and monitored. If you have any additional information on treatment systems or suggestions for additional technologies please contact us using the feedback link at the bottom of this page.

Last updated: 5 October 2018

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