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Biopassage structure (fishway) mapping

The gathering of information on biopassage structures (i.e. fishways, fish ladders) has been a collaborative effort between the Queensland Government, biopassage experts, fisheries biologists, and Natural Resource Management groups.

This datasets purpose is to represent all current biopassage structures in Queensland as a spatial data source. Note that this dataset will be updated regularly, however, may not include the latest developments.

Click here to access the biopassage structure (fishway) mapping for Queensland
In addition to the standard disclaimer located at the bottom of the page, please note the Fishways (biopassage structures) disclaimer.

This dataset includes basic information about biopassage structures (i.e. fishways) in Queensland, including location, construction year, height, region and sub-basin.

Barriers to biopassage may need more than one type of biopassage structure (fishway) to successfully facilitate aquatic fauna movement, and this dataset addresses this with the use of types and subtypes.

Height (in metres), for the purposes of this dataset, is the measure of approximate head loss (barrier height to bed level) to inform the type of structure.

How to use

The biopassage structure (fishway) dataset can be viewed on WetlandMaps, or downloaded from QSpatial.

To access the biopassage structure (fishway) dataset on WetlandMaps, follow the steps below.

  1. Open WetlandMaps
  2. Zoom to your area of interest within Queensland (performance will be affected if viewing the layer on a large scale)
  3. Tick the box next to “Biopassage structures (fishways)"
  4. Click on the fish icons to open the information pop-up box
    Wetland<em>Maps</em> screen capture of biopassage structure popup.


  6. Click on the “Structure type” button in the pop-up as seen below:

    Wetland<em>Maps</em> screen capture of biopassage structure popup.


  8. This will open a new window page, displaying the information of the biopassage structure type on WetlandInfo. Locations with more than one type will have more than one available link to explore.

Last updated: 10 May 2021

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