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Wind blowing light materials offsite Birds and animals removing material Unsecured materials falling from vehicles and trailers Improperly maintained/covered waste moving offsite

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This waste pollution may result from:

  • wind blowing light materials offsite, such as plastic bags
  • birds and animals removing material
  • unsecured materials falling from vehicles and trailers, such as garden waste
  • improperly maintained/covered waste moving offsite, such as by stormwater.

Littering often occurs while improperly secured waste is being transported to a landfill site. By law, vehicles and trailers must be loaded safely so they don’t endanger the driver, passengers and other road users, or damage road infrastructure. For advice on restraining various types of loads on light vehicles see the National Transport Commission’s Load Restraint Guide 2018 for Light Vehicles.

Many of the landfill facilities operated by local governments and private companies provide opportunities for re-use and recycling of materials, such as organic waste, beverage containers, batteries and metal. Further information on recovery and recycling can be found here.

Waste from landfills moves through the environment via four pathways:

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