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Detailed design and analysis

Once the mix of management interventions to address the objectives has been identified through the Whole-of-System, Values-Based Framework, it is necessary to develop and document a detailed design plan to achieve the objectives.

After the design plan has been developed and documented, it must be reviewed to ensure that the proposed management interventions can be implemented in the intended location and at the appropriate scale in the sequence necessary.

Whole-of-system framework locator diagram

Some of the details that should be considered during the review of the detailed design plan, prior to implementing the preferred management interventions, include:

  • costings of the preferred management interventions and whether there are any cost-efficient alternatives that can achieve the same outcome (e.g. Does the actual cost of the management intervention align with the predicted cost? Are there any alternative interventions that are more affordable than the preferred intervention?)
  • ensuring that the relevant beneficiaries and stakeholders have been appropriately included in the planning of the project and involved in the design and analysis of interventions
  • verifying that the project milestones are appropriate (e.g. timings are correct for delivering management interventions) and that all required project management documents are in place (e.g. communications plan)
  • obtaining the correct permissions and approvals from Traditional Owners, land managers, landowners, local/state/federal government(s), and any other interested parties as outlined under relevant legislation
  • identifying potential workplace health and safety hazards (e.g. utility lines, machinery) and outlining plans to mitigate hazards
  • costings for maintenance, monitoring, evaluating, adaptation and sharing information once the management interventions have been implemented.

Last updated: 30 June 2022

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