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Implementation and adaptive management

Once the project has been planned and the details (and any subsequent issues) have been outlined, the project can be implemented. The implementation process will depend on the type of work being completed.

Whole-of-System, Values-Based framework locator diagram

Implementation can occur over an extended period of time, and it is important that the momentum of the project continues, and any revisions of scope and adaptations are documented and communicated to stakeholders.

A project is not finished when the on-ground works have been completed. It is important to ensure that costings have been included in the project plan for continued maintenance, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and sharing to improve and adapt management efforts based on learnings from the results of the management interventions.

It is important to share results but not until final findings have been assessed and it is clear what the outcome has been. This assessment needs to be based on a proper evaluation. Regular monitoring of the site, using tools such as WetCAT, should provide evidence of the change in condition after implementation of the management actions.

Last updated: 18 June 2022

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