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Lacustrine and Palustrine ecosystem rehabilitation approaches

Lacustrine and palustrine wetlands, if degraded, require rehabilitation to maintain the components of the ecosystems and the services they provide. See the table below for various approaches to lacustrine and palustrine wetland rehabilitation.

Palustrine wetland. Photo by Gary Cranitch </br> © Queensland Museum

Rehabilitation Techniques for Lacustrine and Palustrine Ecosystems

Title Description
Wetland Rehabilitation Guidelines for the Great Barrier Reef catchment

Developed to assist wetland managers, landholders, local government and Natural Resource Management bodies to undertake effective wetland rehabilitation. Incorporates existing research and experience including works undertaken in Queensland.

Although developed for the Great Barrier Reef area principles and ideas can be applied more broadly.

Vegetation recovery in inland wetlands: an Australian perspective This review is concerned with deliberate or planned change of vegetation from one state to another, a process that is here called recovery but which refers to activities such as restoration, rehabilitation and repair. The aim is to present a useful and accessible summary of ecological understanding about wetland vegetation recovery, as it relates to Australia. This is an essential step in the development of scientifically sound tools that will assist wetland practitioners to be more effective in restoring wetland vegetation.
Erosion and sediment control (ESC) on construction sites

This link contains updated procedural guides. It also links to Erosion and sediment control Archives - Water by Design where you can find erosion and sediment controls you can adopt to help reduce the amount of sediment run-off from your development.

Reef Trust Gully and Stream Bank Toolbox 3rd Edition, March 2022 This document provides a specification of the gully and streambank erosion control activities that can be undertaken, with a particular focus on areas in the Great Barrier Reef.
A guide to managing and restoring wetlands in Western Australia

The guides chapters include Planning for wetland management; Understanding wetlands; Managing wetlands; Monitoring wetlands; and Protecting wetlands.

Waterbody Management Guideline

Assists local governments in South East Queensland to manage waterbodies. The guideline was commissioned by Redland City Council and speaks to all departments and disciplines within local government involved in managing waterbodies.

Grazing for Healthy Coastal Wetlands: Guidelines for managing coastal wetlands in grazing systems

Provides graziers, landowners and extension officers with advice and information.

Wetland Management Handbook: Farm Management Systems guidelines for managing wetlands in intensive agriculture

Contains information and guidelines to help producers and extension officers manage Queensland’s wetlands in intensive agricultural production systems. Follows the Farm Management System approach to managing agricultural businesses.

Covers such topics as nutrient, erosion and sediment management; spray-drift management; management for fisheries values; weed and pest animal management and constructed wetlands design.
Incentive Measures for Conserving Freshwater Ecosystems Developed to help private landholders to manage their wetland so as to retain the ecosystem services they provide.
Erosion and sediment control - field guides Field guides for erosion and sediment control in a condensed, pictorial-based document designed for field use.
IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions This is a global standard for nature-based solutions developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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