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Urban residential

Urban residential – Legend

Food waste thrown on the ground Overflowing bins Dumping paint/chemicals down sinks and into stormwater drains Improperly secured items (particularly during storm, heavy weather events) Dumping of asbestos and other items from home building and renovation Incorrect disposal of cigarette butts Inappropriate disposal down sewerage, for example oil and cooking fat and flushing non-disposables down the toilet and leakage of microplastics into the sewerage system from washing polyester and other acrylic clothes

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  1. People discarding food
  2. Litter escaping from rubbish bins
  3. Pouring paint/chemicals down sinks and into stormwater drains
  4. Unsecured items blowing or washing away in storms
  5. Dumping building and home renovation waste
  6. People discarding cigarette butts
  7. Inappropriate disposal in sinks and toilets

Last updated: 10 May 2021

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