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Horseshoe Lagoon wetland rehabilitation


Project lead


Queensland Wetlands Program

Burdekin Shire Council

The Burdekin Dry Tropics Natural Resource Management Group






On-ground work

Case study type

Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

Funding source

Australian Government

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(not documented)

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Horseshoe Lagoon is a 70-hectare off-stream lagoon on the right bank of the Haughton River. It is an important component of the Burdekin-Haughton wetlands aggregation and is a Conservation Park. A three-year weed control program was implemented to control infestations from a number of exotic weeds such as hymenachne and para grass along the lagoon’s margins, and water hyacinth and salvinia in the water body itself. The program involved spraying herbicides from a boat four times a year. Other on-ground works included development of a water control structure to help manage water levels. Additionally, two minor rock erosion control structures were installed across the outlet drain as a short-term measure to reduce erosion. Fences were erected to allow strategic heavy grazing, control invasive exotic grasses and encourage natural regeneration of riparian vegetation. Cattle-proof tree guards were used to protect naturally regenerating seedlings.


This project will:
- help improve the habitat value of the lagoon for fish and water birds such as diving duck, cormorants, magpie geese, black swan, cotton pygmy-geese and the white-browned crake.


This project highlighted the need to negotiate formal agreements with landholders.

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Horseshoe Lagoon wetland rehabilitation

Last updated: 4 December 2015

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