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Banana farming for healthier wetlands


Project lead




Queensland Wetlands Program


Banana farming


On-ground work

Case study type

Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

Funding source

The Gaia family contributed $100,000 in-kind in the form of planning, labour, machinery and equipment

Terrain NRM

Queensland Wetlands Program

Funding amount

(not documented)

In-kind contribution

(not documented)

Start date

(not documented)

End date

(not documented)


A wetland was constructed to treat run-off. The wetland complements other farm best management practices to improve water quality entering local creeks. The banks of Liverpool Creek were also re-vegetated.


As well as contributing to water purification the constructed wetland is a haven for the Burdekin duck and other wildlife.


Unproductive flood prone land can be made into constructed wetlands that can treat run-off.

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Banana farming for healthier wetlands

Last updated: 16 November 2015

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