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Woodgate treatment lagoon


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Bundaberg Regional Council

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23 February 2017

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29 June 2017


The use of Diatomix in this wastewater treatment lagoon was to reduce nutrient levels and therefore reduce the growth of Blue-green algae (BGA - Cyanobacteria). Poor water quality can reduce the uses for the water as well as the times when it can be released.


The use of Diatomix should reduce the nutrient profile of the water, lowering the concentrations of ammonia, nitrate and orthophosphate. The increased growth of diatom algae, boosted by Diatomix micronutrients, means diatoms need more nitrogen and phosphorus and this is the cause of the nutrient reductions. By creating consistent diatom algae growth, this in turn will provide a food source for the higher levels of the food chain.


The treatment lagoon was different to other sites treated with Diatomix, in that the liner of the lagoon was a plastic/polyethylene membrane liner rather than a natural or clay lined lagoon. 
At other sites it had been observed that biofilms had developed around the lagoons or ponds and due to the high surface area of these liners, there was a proliferation of both diatom biofilms as well as the higher trophic levels of animal organisms feeding on the diatoms.
In this flat- lined lagoon, there were not the same conditions and the lack of habitat for biofilms to develop and for the higher animals to grow and breed, this meant the results were less consistent and blue-green algae were not controlled as well in this system. 
Since this trial, AlgaEnviro have developed a Biofilm Floating habitat system to address this need for a habitat structure for the diatoms and animals to grow on and within.

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