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Wetland Restoration - Mitigating feral pig disturbance in estuarine wetlands of Kauri Creek


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January 2017

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June 2017


The project will provide enhanced protection of a regionally significant saltmarsh/wetland ecosystem of Kauri Creek. The project aims to mitigate the damage caused by feral pigs within the wetland area. Pig damage is most noticeable at the edges of the wetlands and in swamps with extensive trampling and wallowing within the mud flats. The objectives are to reduce feral animal disturbance of soil, ecosystem decline, and sediment transport into the tidal waters.

Objectives will be achieved through the following activities:
  • Target pig control activities (non-chemical) over a 12-week period
  • Use of remote CCTV technology to improve the project output
  • Identification of damage/target areas for ongoing management activities (field data collection)
  • Consideration of an integrated approach to feral pig control in the Kauri Creek area.


  • The damage caused by feral pig damage is reduced in wetlands of the Kauri Creek area.
  • Pig numbers are reduced before population increase over summer, leading to a reduction in the potential disturbance.
  • Saltmarsh and fringing wetland ecosystems can recover over the summer period.
  • The project provides a continuation of previous investment in this coastal area.


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