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Waterview Riparian and Wetland Restoration


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Australian Government / NRM

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Start date

12 January 2015

End date

31 May 2016


The 45ha property has Baffle Creek frontage and is managed wholly for conservation.
Project works include weed control, feral pig control, and fire management activities. The project site includes extensive wetland areas identified under the GBRMPA "Blue Maps" framework, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act listed Lowland Subtropical Rainforest and two other endangered regional ecosystems (12.3.3, 12.3.5).
Weeds (including Lantana, Cat's Claw Creeper (CCC) and African Love Grass (ALG)) are preventing natural regeneration and are outcompeting the existing patchy vegetation along Baffle Creek and around the wetland area and are also colonising areas that suffered disturbance in the 2013 floods. The Landholder will be responsible for initial ALG weed control & all subsequent weed control on all nominated weeds once Noosa & District Landcare group have completed the initial weed control for Lantana and CCC.
Feral pigs are an ongoing problem on the property and are exacerbating erosion in riparian and wetland zones and impacting water quality. The JAEGER PRO pig trapping system will be provided on loan from BMRG for deployment for the duration of the project to capture and eradicate feral pigs and will be returned to BMRG by the trapping subcontractor upon completion of the project.


This project aligns to the following plans:
  • Conservation advice for Lowland Subtropical Rainforest of Eastern Australia
  • Cat's Claw Creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati) Strategic Plan 2012-2017
  • National Weed Management Guide for Cat's Claw Creeper
  • GBRMPA Blue Maps


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