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Wallaby Ware channel naturalisation and saturated zone bioretention basin construction


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Ipswich City Council - Stormwater quality offsets (voluntary development contribution for offsite load reductions)

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Start date

May 2017

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Naturalisation of a stormwater channel with the addition of a high flow diversion and an off-line bio retention system up stream of Ironpot Creek in the Bremer River.


Stormwater quality improvement, aesthetic and habitat/connectivity along the Ironpot Creek corridor.


The bioretention basin contained a saturated zone to maintain moisture in the filter media zone. It also utilised an elevated water level during establishment to provide good soil moisture conditions during establishment. It utilises natural groundwater infiltration and evaporation as well as a filter medium and plant uptake to remove sediment and nutrient loads.

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Last updated: 27 August 2018

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