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Upper Warrill Healthy Country: Johnson


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Project lead


Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)

Australian Government (National Landcare Program 2013-18)



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On-ground work

Case study type


Funding source

Queensland Government (Healthy Country Project)

Australian Government (National Landcare Program 2013-18)


Funding amount

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In-kind contribution

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Start date

28 April 2014

End date

30 June 2014


This two-part project is on a 484ha property adjacent to Main Range National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area.

Part A activities are associated with the on-ground implementation of the Upper Warrill Healthy Country project, an initiative supported by the Queensland State Government. Work to be undertaken includes the construction of 550m of land class fencing to assist with stock management practices on the property and 1010m of riparian fencing to protect a large soak area, reduce sediment flows from the property into the upper reaches of Warrill Creek and to improve water quality. It also involves the construction of a dam with the associated by-wash directing water to Rocky Creek. The landholder has recently reviewed and updated his property management plan.

Part B activities are associated with the Australian Government funded ‘World Heritage Habitats and EECs’ program. This work involves the construction of 600m of riparian fencing to enhance the condition of existing riparian vegetation for water quality and wildlife corridor purposes and will assist with the management of stock. The western end of this riparian fencing is approximately 1.2km from the boundary of the Main Range National Park.

The project areas feature endangered Regional Ecosystem 12.3.3 Eucalyptus tereticornis woodland, 12.9-10.7 12.9-10.7a: Eucalyptus siderophloia, Corymbia intermedia +/- E. tereticornis and Lophostemon confertus open forest. Other species associated with this RE include Melaleuca bracteata and associated riparian vegetation types.

This project will deliver:
  • 1.6km of riparian fencing
  • 0.55km of land class fencing
  • construction of a leaky weir to manage cattle grazing in a wetland area
  • improved riparian habitat connectivity with Main Range National Park
  • improved biodiversity in the Gondwana World Heritage Area by improving the condition of native habitat on adjacent land by implementing sustainable stock management
  • improved water quality in Warrill Creek by improving the condition of the riparian zone by implementating sustainable stock management.


This project will:
  • contribute to improved water quality and riparian health in the Upper Warrill sub-catchment and improve altitudinal linkages and connectivity with Main Range National Park.


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