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Upper Logan Resilience: Richardson


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Project lead


Scenic Rim Regional Council


Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority (trading as Seqwater)


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority (trading as Seqwater)


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Start date

9 May 2013

End date

30 June 2013


This project is part of the on-ground implementation of the Upper Logan Resilience project, an initiative supported by project partners Seqwater, in collaboration with Scenic Rim Regional Council.

The project will facilitate the landholder to implement improved management practices for soil health by fencing off a gully area to reduce the impacts of continuous grazing on two gullies and build creek bank resilience along the upper Oaky Creek to contribute to improved water quality and riparian health in the sub-catchment. In addition, physical works will be installed to drown out an activity eroding section of one of the gullies. This will also be protected by an electric tape fence and be planted with blue grass seed by the proponent (landholder). A small trial investigating the potential of a thick vetiver grass hedge along an actively eroding bank in Oaky Creek will also be conducted as part of this project.

This project will deliver:
  • a dam to drown out and stop a receding gully head and improve the condition of 50ha catchment contributing sediment to Oaky Creek
  • improved water quality from approximately 30.5ha draining to the new physical works
  • the use of vetiver grass to stabilise a 20m section of creek bank along Oaky Creek
  • 0.5km fence.

The proponent will maintain the physical works, plant and maintain blue grass over the spillways, and erect a fence around the gullies. Additionally, the proponent will plant and maintain vetiver grass along the damaged bank in Oaky Creek. Photo-points will be used to monitor riparian vegetation condition in the project area and the success of the vetiver in protecting the Oaky Creek bank.


This project will:
  • improve water quality in the Logan catchment by mitigating an eroding gully head through earthworks and grass re-establishment
  • increase landholder’s knowledge and skills in natural resource management and facilitate the uptake of sustainable land management practices.


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