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Tinana Creek water weed project and cats claw control


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Woocoo Council (former)


Maryborough City Council (former)

FCRC - Community Environment Program




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  • to undertake pest management of water weeds along creek and tributaries
  • to increase community involvement, cooperation and awareness
  • to reduce impact on waterway and wildlife and improve water quality.

The project was undertaken from approximately 2008 onwards. Surveying and works were also undertaken to reduce localised cat’s claw creeper (CCC) infestations along the creek and to reduce impact on ‘of concern’ RE 12.12.12 and Endangered 12.5.2.

Vegetation assessment, weed surveying, integrated pest management were carried out. Pest plants were harvested to break up rafts, sprayed and salvinia bio-control added. Flooding assisted removal.

Addition of bio-control to CCC and weed management.


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The project:
  • increased awareness and abilities of staff and property owners
  • reduced infestations of water weeds, and improved water quality and habitat for wildlife 
  • increased ground- truthed data available for OC and E vegetation (ongoing works are currently being undertaken in both areas).

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Last updated: 17 November 2015

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