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Tinana creek erosion rehabilitation on Morton properties


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Australian Government / NRM

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Start date

30 January 2015

End date

31 January 2016


These two properties are situated on Tinana Creek, they have steep high banks and continuing erosion issues. Cattle currently graze this riparian zone with pigs frequenting these areas, both significantly contributing to the lack of bank stability and erosion. The riparian area has many weeds (including Lantana), sparse vegetation and reduced riparian width.
Stock exclusion fencing (2km timber posts with 3 strands of barbed wire) will be erected by a contractor along the riparian zone of Tinana Creek. The landholder will undergo weed control (1ha) by manual removal and herbicide application and then follow up with supplementary planting of native trees and ground cover (5ha) to reduce sediment entering the creek. Pig control over the entire property (85ha) will be undertaken by a contractor in the second half of this project year.


Helping to meet the objectives and provide outcomes related to the GBRMPA "Blue Maps" for the Burrum Catchment.


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Last updated: 27 March 2018

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