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Those Worrisome Weeds


Project lead

Brigalow-Jimbour Floodplains Group Inc


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Everyone’s Environment Grants - Round 2

Funding amount


In-kind contribution

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Start date

16 January 2014

End date

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This project will help stabilise the creek systems of the Jinghi Jandowae Coorannga Downfall catchments and throughout the Brigalow-Jimbour catchment area. Work will include fencing of riparian areas to exclude stock from further destabilising the creek banks and weed control. The removal of the weeds will allow native plants to re-colonise the area.


Exclusion of livestock by riparian fencing and the control of weeds will allow the native species to re-colonise the area and restore the resilience of the environment.


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