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Stock Exclusion Fencing of Water Mouse Habitat in Foreshores


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Australian Government / NRM

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21 November 2013

End date

31 May 2014


The project site is located at Foreshores in Bustard Bay - part of the High Conservation Value Aquatic Ecosystem (HCVAE). The project will complete a further 3km fence from the existing fence line to exclude cattle from 160ha of mangrove and saltmarsh communities. The area contains extensive mangrove and saltmarsh communities and is identified as water mouse (Xeromys myoides) habitat. Cattle have been grazing the mangroves and stunting their growth and also causing damage through hoof compaction and trampling. Ground cover loss and changes in micro-topography have a negative impact on water mouse habitat and affect water quality and the integrity of the wetland ecosystem.


The landholders have previously received funding to assist with the erection of around 8km of fencing to exclude cattle from water mouse habitat. In the future this project will link with both current fence line and next planned stages to continue stock exclusion further north. The landholders plan is to eventually exclude cattle from all the wetland and saltmarsh areas on their property for improved water mouse habitat, water quality and the integrity of the wetland ecosystem.


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