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Stabilisation of Buttha Campground 2, Buttha Creek, Poona


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Project lead


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

City Farm


Queensland Government




On-ground work

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Funding source

Australian Government / NRM

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Start date

1 December 2011

End date

31 October 2012


This project protects the Buttha Creek estuary from the impacts of vehicles and camping (erosion, slumping, weeds and rubbish). Recreational activities have caused damage to the tidal flats and creek bank. The project closes off camping ground 2.

Actions include:
  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) installing bollards encased in wire to block off existing track
  • ripping the track and contours to divert water; diversion mounds stabilise and collect soil, silt socks further stabilise soil.
  • gabion baskets placed by QPWS to repair slumping
  • weed removal (Pine wildling, Lantana) supervised by QPWS staff
  • City Farm staff and volunteers undertaking revegetation and weed removal
  • information and interpretation signage about the Great Sandy Strait Ramsar site and Go Slow Below zone developed with consultation with Department of Environment and Resource Management Marine Parks
  • 2 cameras placed at the closed-off entrances; one at the registration bay, and one between Buttha campgrounds 1 and 2, to determine vehicle compliance and follow-up monitoring.


  • Improved essential habitat for migratory wader birds of International significance
  • improved habitat.


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Last updated: 26 July 2017

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