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Splitters Creek wetland rehabilitation


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Queensland Wetlands Program

Australian Government

Bundaberg and District Urban Landcare Association

Burnett Mary Regional Group

Queensland Government (DPI&F)




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Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

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Splitters Creek is a lowland, stream-based wetland complex in the Burnett Mary region. The creek comprises a diverse range of wetland forms including a tidal reach, a melaleuca swamp, a deep water lagoon and a closed canopy lagoonal section surrounded by extensive native woodlands.

The key environmental threats facing the wetland at the time of the work included: aquatic and terrestrial weeds; agricultural impacts; and urban encroachment.

To address these threats, the Splitter’s Creek catchment was divided into assessment and catchment reaches and the on-ground works were designed specifically for each reach with involvement and support from landholders. On-ground works undertaken included: chemical spraying of para grass; physical removal of aquatic weeds (water hyacinth and salvinia); re-vegetation of riparian buffer; installation of owl boxes as a trial in the control of rats in a macadamia plantation; re-vegetation and rehabilitation of bank erosion.

Key strategies to raise awareness included: media releases resulting in television coverage; an on-site project launch day; a plant and weed identification bus trip; and a project display.


This project engendered great community spirit among the landowners. The Friends of Splitters Creek was formed as a community involvement program and a staggering number of 60 landholders participated in the project.


The success of this project was enabled by a dedicated local project driver and a good technical support group.

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Splitters Creek wetland rehabilitation

Last updated: 16 May 2015

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