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Smith's Smith’s Riparian Re-vegetation of Purga Creek


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Project lead


Landcare Australia Limited



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Landcare Australia Ltd (through Computershare e-Tree program


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Start date

1 March 2011

End date

30 June 2011


This project continues work undertaken some years ago by the landholders to stabilise a section of Purga Creek.

The landholder will plant and maintain 300 native plants along the banks and adjacent riparian zone of Purga Creek. This will re-establish 0.9ha of endangered regional ecosystem RE 12.3.3 - Eucalyptus tereticornis (Queensland blue gum) woodland to open-forest on alluvial plains.


This project will:
  • improve biodiversity in the Bremer catchment by replanting native vegetation along Purga Creek
  • improve water quality in Purga Creek by replanting and rehabilitating the riparian vegetation that filters sediment and nutrients from run-off before it enters the waterway.


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