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Small Creek naturalisation stage 1


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Stormwater Quality Offsets

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Start date

1 November 2017

End date

1 June 2018


This naturalisation project will turn over 1.6km of concrete channel back into a living waterway. The first 550m of the channel has been removed as part of Stage 1 of the project. Approximately 30,000m^3 of earthworks have been undertaken to improve flood capacity and over 150,000 plants planted. The project has reduced the grade of the stream and returned diversity to the channel including ponds, rock chutes and riffles, and low grade vegetated areas. Woody debris has been introduced into the corridor to begin the process of adding structural complexity to the waterway. 
This project has been characterised by a unique co-design process 'Design Your Creek Week' undertaken over the course of a week with local residents, students and traditional owners, undertaking a concept design on site with their input. Pools, riffles, shade, stepping stones, paths, a yarning circle and mat weaving locations have been included on the back of wishes from the local community.


Between the first two stages of the project, 108 tonnes of sediment and 863kg of nitrogen is forecast to be removed from the waterway. A diversity of structural features and flora have been used to encourage life back to the waterway.


Many design challenges were tried and tested, including the use of surface treatments for stabilisation and erosion control measures.

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