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Russell/Mulgrave (Lauridsen) wetland rehabilitation


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Queensland Wetlands Program


Cane farming


On-ground work

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Queensland Wetlands Program (QWP) management case study

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Australian Government

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Laurisden is a sugar cane property located on the Russell floodplain 65km south of Cairns. The property is located between the Russell River National Park and Russell River floodplain and it suffered from poor water quality and weed infestations. On-ground works included the construction of a sediment trap to contain sediment transported from upstream sources. Sediment traps require ongoing maintenance to remove trapped sediments.

Weed control was undertaken to spot spray hymenachne, water hyacinth, para grass, guinea grass and pond apple in the palm forest adjoining the national park. Herbicide was sprayed from a boat to control aquatic weeds within Alligator Lagoon and a small excavator was used to remove debris from the lagoon mouth. Natural regeneration was encouraged in the riparian areas along Russell River. In order to prevent soil loss, erosion prone areas were not treated. In addition, 100 trees were planted along the drains, the Russell River and the sediment trap.




Wetland rehabilitation is very challenging in areas with a prolonged wet season such as the Wet Tropics. Short timeframes cannot cater for unforeseen events such as cyclones. It is important to take into consideration the climatic and other characteristic

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Russell/Mulgrave (Lauridsen) wetland rehabilitation

Last updated: 16 May 2015

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