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Restoring riparian habitat along Yarraman Creek: Reilly Stage 2


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Project lead


Landcare Australia Limited

Powerlink (GreenWorks program)



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Landcare Australia Ltd (through Computershare e-Tree program)

Powerlink (GreenWorks program)


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Start date

7 August 2012

End date

30 June 2013


The project builds on significant restoration works undertaken by the landholders on their property and the adjacent council reserve over the last few years. Works included the staged removal of rubbish and dense infestations of environmental weeds (principally camphor laurel, privet, Chinese celtis, lantana, asparagus fern, arundo donax, salvinia) and re-vegetation with several hundred native riparian species grown from local seed and plants sourced from local nurseries.

This project aims to continue this staged restoration works along Yarraman Creek to improve the condition of fringing riparian vegetation (mapped as Endangered RE 12.3.3) at Yarraman through: 
  • the strategic control of environmental weeds on 0.3ha to allow natural regeneration and enrichment plantings
  • re-vegetation with 400 stems of local native riparian species on approximately 0.3ha to enrich degraded areas following weed control and replace plants lost in the 2011 floods.  

The landholder is committed to monitoring and maintenance of project outcomes including:
  • establishing three standard photo-points to monitor weed suppression, natural regeneration and the survival and growth of planted species
  • conducting follow up weed control and ongoing maintenance of restoration areas
  • carrying out ongoing water quality monitoring in Yarraman Creek and recording of fauna within the project area.

This project will be funded through the e-Trees program and Powerlink’s GreenWorks Cooyar Creek catchment rehabilitation project.


This project will:
  • improve the water quality and aquatic ecosystems in Yarraman Creek by improving the condition of riparian vegetation through weed control and enhancement plantings.


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