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Research Case Study: Recovering Australia's migratory shorebirds


Project lead

University of Queensland


Burnett Mary Regional Group

Queensland Wetlands Program

Queensland Wader Study Group




On-ground work, Research

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Australian Research Council Linkage Projects Scheme

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Millions of migratory shorebirds arrive in Australia each year to feed and put on energy reserves, after travelling thousands of kilometres from their breeding sites in the Arctic. Despite their protection under numerous agreements, international treaties, and federal, state, and local legislation, shorebird numbers continue to decline. This project will consolidate and analyse information on shorebird numbers, life cycle traits, and threats. It will explore how best to plan and implement effective recovery actions to ensure these migrants are better managed on Australia’s shores, with a focus on the Great Sandy Strait of Queensland.


Investigations will be used to determine the most effective management activities to safeguard the future of Australia’s shorebirds.


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Last updated: 12 December 2017

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