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Protection and Restoration of Swamp Tea-tree Forest at Jimboomba: STAGE 3 (Nicholls)


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Project lead


Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)



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Funding source

Australian Government (Caring for our Country program)


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Start date

1 February 2012

End date

31 May 2013


This project aims to conserve and restore 6.5ha of remnant Swamp Tea-tree Forest (RE 12.9-10.11). Swamp tea-tree forest is considered endangered under Commonwealth and Queensland legislation. With funding provided through the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program, SEQ Catchments is providing support, advice and financial incentives to help landholders in the region conserve and enhance remnant and regrowth of swamp tea-tree forest at Jimboomba.

The landholder has completed Level 3 Property Management Planning training provided by SEQ Catchments and through this has developed a project action plan for implementation.

Project activities include:
  • constructing 650m of fencing to control stock access to 3.5ha of remnant forest
  • undertaking 3ha of weed control. Contractor and landholder will undertake initial weed control (balloon vine, madeira vine, Brazilian nightshade, jacaranda, cobblers pegs, stinking roger, mother-of-millions, asparagus vine, lantana, coral berry, corky passion vine, mile-a-minute, prickly pear, and wandering jew) through basal application and foliar spray
  • landholder monitoring and maintenance, including establishing two photo-points and taking ‘before and after’ photographs, and maintaining weed control.


This project will:
  • conserve and restore biodiversity in the Jimboomba area through weed control of endangered swamp tea-tree.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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