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Prawn Farming - Productivity Trial


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5 January 2018

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Reduction of ammonia and nitrate in prawn ponds to assess the increase in prawn productivity and harvest weights.

Funding amount for this project is provided on a per pond season basis.


Reducing blue-green algae cell counts, and ammonia levels, improves the water quality for prawns and should improve growth. In addition, diatoms growing in flocs in the ponds are a suitable food source for prawns so this should improve harvest weights.


The improved water quality in ponds was notable but there was a need to supplement the reactive silica levels in the pond water.  As brackish water in ponds is not high in silica, supplementation is necessary.  The data obtained to date indicates that the return on investment of increased silica and Diatomix use in ponds is about 700% in regards to increased harvest weights.

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Last updated: 20 September 2018

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