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Poona Creek Pine wildling control


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Australian Government/NRM

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Start date

4 October 2012

End date

31 October 2012


An area of 42.4ha of endangered, vulnerable and near-threatened species are being invaded by Pine wildlings, threatening the integrity the following habitats/vegetation communities:
  • Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi and M. parcifolia
  • Acacia attenuata
  • Boronia rivularis
  • M. parcifolia
  • B. rivularis and A. attenuata

The project removes threatening pine wildlings along the edges of the natural stream vegetation of the Poona Creek.


This project reduces several threats including the:
  • expansion of pine wildling infestation into native forest
  • spread of seeds and seedlings along streams and creeks flowing through the control area and downstream in the lower Poona Creek catchment
  • spread of wind and water-borne pine seeds from wildlings into native vegetation areas
  • presence of numerous large seed-bearing pine wildlings in treatment area especially in riparian zones.


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Last updated: 9 October 2017

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