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Pollard Park Creek naturalisation


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On-ground work

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Funding source

Ipswich City Council - Stormwater quality offsets (voluntary development contribution for offsite load reductions)

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Start date

May 2017

End date



Naturalisation of a drainage line with creek filtration/wetland/stormwater disconnections at piped stormwater outlets.


Stormwater quality improvement, aesthetic and habitat/connectivity along the creek corridor.  Attempts were made through the design to integrate the waterway into the park location using stepping-stones and planting arrangements.


Problems and constraints from sewer infrastructure despite comprehensive consultation - QUU carried out works and dug up a section of the creek not long after completion of the works. Initial period of weed control is very important in the 6-12 months after initial planting. The use or facilitation of natural regen is efficient and cost effective. Post excavation a capping clay/soil layer appears to have been broken resulting in elevated groundwater levels and creation of a wetland instead of filtration system unintentionally.

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