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Planned Grazing Management Project: Coaster-Garton


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Woolworths and Landcare Australia Ltd

Australian Government



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Woolworths and Landcare Australia Ltd

Australian Government


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Start date

1 December 2009

End date

31 July 2010


Mr Coaster-Garton was a key landholder involved in the Woolworths Adaptive Grazing Project 2009. To be a part of the on-ground works component of this project he has completed the following training courses to improve his knowledge of sustainable grazing systems:
  • DPI Stocktake Balancing Supply and Demand workshop
  • planned grazing workshops
  • property management planning.

Mr Coaster-Garton’s project aims to erect a fencing system that assists in managing different land types whilst running a managed grazing regime on a rotational basis and thus reduce run-off into the Logan River. The project will in time reduce erosion, increase soil fertility, improve native grasses as well as increase stocking rates that will improve farm viability through sustainability.

With assistance from the recently acquired ‘FarmFlow’ funding, 1800m of Logan River frontage has already been fenced, ensuring stock impact on local waterways is kept to an absolute minimum. The project will see the fencing of a fragile 0.6ha wetland area that will permanently exclude stock. The area is currently being grazed all year round.

The grazing plan aims to improve pasture and land condition and soil health over 98ha. This will be achieved through priority on-ground works to enable controlled grazing, including:
  • establishing 17 additional water points
  • constructing 5.5km fencing.

The project will deliver extension, action learning, training, on-ground works and practice change through a focus on the identified needs of ‘communities of practice’ within prioritised landscapes.

This project will make a tangible contribution to the Woolworths program objectives of:
  • demonstrating the production and environmental benefits of improved grazing management through land condition monitoring, forage budgeting and property planning
  • supporting local farmer in advocating, promoting and demonstrating such planning among their peers.


This project will:
  • increase the area of sustainable grazing management practices in SEQ to improve land condition and soil health.


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