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PCE - Maintaining the Natural Integrity of Fraser Island


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Burnett Mary Regional Group NRM Regional Investments: Keeping it Great: Fraser Island Defenders

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4 November 2013

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30 June 2014


Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) plan to organise three-week long working parties to carry out bush regeneration work on public and private land around the villages of Eurong and Happy Valley with the cooperation and support of the Fraser Coast Regional Council, QPWS, the Kingfisher Group, the Eurong Resort and Fraser Island Natural Integrity Alliance (FINIA). As well as working in the area of Eurong and Happy Valley and encouraging landholders to plant only locally native plants, FIDO plan to continue to manage lantana within the township area. Several sites have been established at high visitation areas to monitor sediment and these will be monitored and maintained.

The WONS species the project will be targeting is lantana. The villages of Eurong and Happy Valley are epicentres for garden escapees, including Singapore daisy, Easter cassia, asparagus fern, clivias, madeira vine, mother-in-law’s tongue, agaves, cocos palm, Brazilian cherry and coral creeper. The weed management and community education in these areas is essential for maintaining the natural integrity of Fraser Island and needs to be ongoing.


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