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PCE - Great Sandy Strait Islands (Big Woody, Little Woody and Duck) - Weed and marine debris removal


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Burnett Mary Regional Group NRM Regional Investments:  Keeping it Great: Lower Mary River Land and Catchment Care Group Inc and Lower Mary River Land and Catchment Care Group Inc

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1 April 2014

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30 May 2014


This project will fund weed and rubbish removal at significant shorebird roosting sites located in the Great Sandy Straits Ramsar Wetland. It will engage community landcare volunteers, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Fraser Coast Regional Council, QPWS, Bicycle User Group and Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) in ground works (eradication of prickly pear) that will protect and enhance habitat values provided by remnant island vegetation on Big Woody Island, Duck Island and Little Woody Island. Additionally, it will fund marine debris/rubbish removal from these islands.

The project aims to:
  • remove weeds and potential wildfire fuel loads from around the Middle Bluff lighthouse, the historic access track rock wall, Jeffrey’s Beach, Little Woody Island and Duck Island
  • engage local community, school children, disadvantaged teenagers and broader volunteers in the maintenance and protection of natural and cultural heritage
  • communicate the project and the area’s natural and cultural values to project participants and the broader community.

Weed species (Prickly Pear) threaten the integrity of Woody Island including the preservation of the Middle Bluff lighthouse and the camping area at Jeffrey’s Beach. Little Woody Island and Duck Island also have prickly pear infestation.

The Lower Mary Land and Catchment Care Group (LMLCCG) have been successful in obtaining funding to undertake various environmental activities in the area and would like to include some weed mitigation works around the Middle Bluff lighthouse as part of their project. The LMLCCG will facilitate the project and coordinate various volunteer groups including, local schools, youth mentoring program participants, Conservation Volunteers Australia and LMLCCG members to undertake the proposed works to help maintain the islands’ natural and cultural values. The project work undertaken will also be communicated to the local community.

Monitoring and evaluation of the project will be addressed via the number or participants involved and the quantifiable amount of weeds treated on the islands.


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Last updated: 16 May 2015

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