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Nutrient management in barramundi ponds


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Good Fortune Bay Fisheries

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20 July 2018

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Diatomix has been used to reduce ammonia and nitrate levels in ponds on a freshwater Barramundi Farm.

Funding amount for this project is provided on an annual basis.


Reducing concentrations of ammonia, nitrate and orthophosphate is associated with the reduction in both blue-green algae and macrophyte weeds such as Cabomba. This greatly assists in reducing operational time to manage weeds as well as improve water quality for growing fish and avoiding poor flavours in fish flesh.


The management of nutrient levels requires consistent monitoring in biological systems carrying large biomass of farmed fish.  Unlike wastewater systems that are generally consistent, the growth and feed rates of fish alter the profile of ammonia and nitrate in the water and weekly monitoring of these values ensures that the dose of Diatomix is optimal and therefore continues to reduce these levels.

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Last updated: 20 September 2018

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