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Nature Refuge Harkness (Gilpatrick family)


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Harkness (Gilpatrick family)


Queensland Government (DEHP)


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On-ground work, Monitoring

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This project will carry out the tasks listed below.

Fencing program around wetland communities:
  • construct a domestic stock and feral animal fence (up to 150km of fence); includes commissioning of fence line, labour costs and maintenance.

Water provisioning:
Prepare site, install and connect water points from each fenced wetland system; includes labour, purchase of solar pumps, tanks, stock troughs and piping.

Feral animal and weed control:
Implement an integrated feral animal and weed control program, including routine contract shooting/trapping of feral animals and appropriate weed control suitable for wetland environments.

Measure relative success of fencing program through monitoring and evaluation in order to build a better understanding of optimal conservation management strategies for implementation of future wetland fencing programs in the Cape.


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