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McCreadys Creek South Regional Wetlands–Detailed Design ($200K) – Construction of first cell ($3million)


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Mackay Regional Council



Catchment Solutions




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Voluntary Mechanism for Stormwater Quality Management

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Council officers decided it would be more feasible to manage water quality on a regional level rather than on an individual development (on-site) application level. The McCreadys creek south regional wetlands will form part of this regional approach to urban stormwater quality management and be a key pilot study within Councils voluntary mechanism for stormwater quality management.

This approach has a number of advantages:
  • reduced loss of developable land i.e. developers can develop more land and thus increase profits. The increase in land sales will likely pay for contribution to regional systems
  • WSUD assets are designed and built under Council control. This provides Council with more control over the implementation and ultimately on-going management of assets related to the SPP. This also reduces the risk that Council will take ownership of poor assets that will become a costly maintenance burden
  • potentially less distributed number of assets to manage, easing pressures on Council resources
  • potentially a more cost effective implementation method, whereby wetlands can be located in existing flood plain zones or natural wetland areas where earthworks requirements are minimal and development cannot occur. This can potentially provide greater environmental outcomes with a more cost effective use of funds
  • a regional approach allows a more strategic method of implementation to achieve greater water quality benefits to the GBR.

This project will require roughly $7 million for construction.


This project will:
  • restore ecological function and habitat
  • improve water quality & shading
  • have reduced long term maintenance costs.


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Last updated: 1 February 2016

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